FPV Launch Cup (STL)

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Wanting a super compact yet stable and sturdy launching aid, I designed this cup-tripod-thing. The FPV Launch Cup has a default angle of 45 degrees and can be adjusted to aprox 33-58 degrees without loosing stability of your racing drone, "sitting"on it's lipo.

Name your price and DIY

Currently my printing queue is overloading so I share my design with you. Hope you appreciate the work and pay a minimum of 8 euro's to instantly download the STL and print this FPV Launch Cup yourself.

For you guys without a 3D printer: soon I will sell this thing off the shelf and bring it to local FPV Events.

3D Printing

Use PLA fillament with a minimum of 4 walls and infill of aprox. 15% with gyroid pattern makes it a print of aprox. 50 grams that feels sturdy and not easy to crack. Add some support for the gaps underneath the cup.  
  • 4 walls
  • 15% gyriod infill
  • 12% support


At my local hardware store I bought some M10 bolts and hex nuts. The bolts have a length 160mm and nuts are 16,5mm wide. Depending on the print quality you can press them in the the print. I secured them with a little bit of epoxy. To add some grip in the front of the cup, you can insert some foam or other rubbery material to prevent you drone sliding away when you are to eager to launch during countdown.  
  • M10 Bolt (160mm)
  • M10 Hex nut (16,5mm)
  • Glue/Epoxy
  • Piece of foam

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