About Me

Let me summarize my drone racing adventure on this page. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Name:Walter KortFlight Time:460 hours/year
Birthdate:6 – 2 – 1987Motto:Kort door de bocht
Country:The NetherlandsPhone:+31 6 55 94 60 84

Ultimate Feel of Racing Drones

Constructing racing machines, take them out to fly fast and getting that flow of the track is the feeling I’m striving for at every race.

Since I started with drones, about 4 years ago, I like to help more people getting into racing. I started this by sharing my experience online, during workshops, demo’s and other racing events.

During competition I’m focused on taking a podium position and also making a fun to watch story I can share online.

Racing – Building – Sharing

When I’m not racing, I’m building, researching and reviewing drone racing related stuff. These experiences, I have with few people around me, I share with a lot of people online.

Check out my popular and growing channels:

Drone Racing Experience

I’m setting goals to gain more racing skills. Currently I compete in the CTN Racing team.

My list of achievements and official results:

1st place 2017-3 Drone Racing Middenwaard
5th place 2018-1 Open Noord-Nederlands Kampioenschap
4th place 2018-3 Drone Racing Middenwaard
4th place 2018-3 IDRA International Utrecht
3th place 2018-6 CEBIT2018 DMF Drone Racing Series
3th place 2018-8 ZVD Summer Race
5th place 2018-8 International Drone Racing Curaçao
7th place 2018-10 Dutch Nationals Rankings

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