DRUID Two – Prototype


As testpilot of the DRUID Two you can now order the final prototype for a special price.

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Currently this frame is in final prototyping phase. Please check this page and leave your name and e-mailadres to be informered about the final product when it's ready.

Main reasons why you want to fly the DRUID Two

  • True X
  • Lightweight
  • Compact square body
  • Camera position at prop level
  • 2020 stack only
  • Nano cam only
  • Dutch Racing Unit In Development (expect backward compatible upgrades)


  • 140.4mm motor-to-motor fits 5.2inch props
  • 55 grams minimum weight (naked configuration with non-stock mounting hardware)
  • 5mm x 8mm arms (replace by removing only one screw)
  • 2mm top plate
  • 2mm sandwich plates with press nuts pre-installed
  • 2mm razor plate with chamfered edges
  • 3D printed cam seat and lens protector (currently default fixed angle of 45degr.)
  • Strain relief slots for power wires
  • 25mm m3 standoffs (aluminium matte black)
  • 16mm m3 flathead bolts for standoffs (carbon steel)
  • 25mm m3 flathead bolts for stack (carbon steel)
  • 6mm m3 buttonhead bolts for top plate (carbon steel)


  • Check my list of recommended parts to make this racing frame fly crazy fast.
  • You can mount a 2020 stack only. On the square body there is space for an ESC of aprox. 32x32mm (it can be a bit longer or wider if more narrow or shorter).
  • Current cam mount only fits nano sized FPV cams. Different angles available for testing
  • Foxeer and Runcam make nano FPV cams but they are different in length. For testing, please let me know what cam at what angle you want to use
  • I’m working on parts to make this frame digital ready.
  • This frame is not designed to replace the DRUID One. It’s a lightweight alternative.
  • Weight Reduction Level 2. Titanium and aluminium bolts are available.
  • I'll make sure there are enough spare parts of this prototype frame so don't be affraid of crashing it good

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