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There is a new contender in town: the Dutch drone racing frame DRUID One!The DRUID One is the first frame that I finalized after several prototyping rounds with the Dutch drone community.You can now order a DRUID One. There are several add-ons available as well.

This drone racing frame is designed for performance, durability and styleAll the necessary electronics for a state of the art racing drone will fit and are well protected by the TPU Pod.I've chosen Armattan Productions to manufacture all the carbon fiber parts. Their CF and excellent milling service make the racing frame and spare parts of excellent quality and affordable too.

Druid One - Dutch Drone Racing Frame


  • stretched X or True-X frame for 5” props (5,2" props do fit)
  • 5mm arms (10mm wide)
  • 16x16 motor mount (4 bolts)
  • locking arms to the center of the quad (Stretched-X only)
  • 2mm base plate bottom with holes for sunken bolts for flat LiPo surface
  • 2mm base plate top with chamfered edges
  • strain relief options for power wires
  • 30,5x30,5 stack mount (m3)
  • 20x20 stack mount (m3)
  • 3D printed TPU Pod for micro FPV cam
  • Weight:  86 grams (incl. 4x 25mm bolts to mount the stack)
  • Quality carbon fiber parts by Armattan Productions
  • Tight build with limited space in front of stack (units with extra tabs might not fit).
  • Clean build with 4-in-1 ESC + FC will fit with small VTX and RX. (TrampHV and XM+ fit nicely)

Included hardware

  • 8 x press-in nuts
  • 2 x 8mm M3 steel button head bolt (rear top)
  • 4 x 16mm M3 steel countersunk bolt (front and rear bottom)
  • 4 x 25mm M3 steel countersunk bolt (option 1 - double layer stack)
  • 4 x 12mm M3 steel countersunk bolt (option 2 - single layer stack)
  • 4 x 10mm M3 steel countersunk bolt (option 3 - if 20x20 stack is in use)
  • 2 x m3 hex lock nut (front of pod)
  • 2 x m3 25mm aluminum standoffs

Add-ons (not included in the kit)

Recommended Setup

Check out this drone racing shopping list with all the parts I use.

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