Custom Fatshark Head Straps

Super cool you noticed the custom head straps I make for the Fatshark FPV goggles.

I created this page to guide you through some steps and give you information before I can actually make you a fresh one. There is actually quite a demand on these things so please be patient and kill your time with some good flying sessions and…

Handmade strap for Fatshark Dominator FPV Goggle

You can choose to buy a new black, blue or grey head strap from fatshark to replace the old one, or…I can make you one, with any design you want.

Well, there are sóme limitations regarding the colors for band and the print itself. I’ll tell you when we get there. Please tell me first want yóu want.

Here are some examples of cool head straps I made. Buy the way, notice those really nice vinyls I made for some of the pilots too. If you are interested in those as well, please mention it in this form.


These handmade straps are sold for €28,50 each, excluding shipping cost. For inside the EU it’s only two stamps per strap. For other destinations I’ll have to check for specific shipping and custom fees.

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